Auckland, New Zealand
January 2023

“Auckland, New Zealand,” Liahona, Jan. 2023.

The Church Is Here

Auckland, New Zealand

world map with circle around New Zealand
view of Auckland, New Zealand

Photograph from Getty Images

Auckland is the most populous urban area in the country. The first convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in New Zealand was baptized in 1854. Today, the Church in New Zealand has:

  • 116,900 members (approximately)

  • 30 stakes, 229 wards and branches, 3 missions

  • 1 temple under renovation in Hamilton, 1 being built in Auckland

family walking outside

All Things Bear Witness

Fabian and Adrienne Kehoe and their daughter enjoy life on a farm in the Maromaku Valley. “We are grateful for the bounty of this land,” Adrienne says. “And all of these things bear witness of a loving Creator.”

More about the Church in New Zealand

mother and daughter

A mother and daughter in New Zealand share a tender moment together.

family at table

A father and son join their family for weeknight Come, Follow Me study.

Hamilton New Zealand Temple

The Hamilton New Zealand Temple, currently under renovation, was dedicated in 1958. Another temple is under construction in Auckland.

children looking at magazines

Children in New Zealand, like children all over the world, enjoy reading the Friend magazine.

family and sheep

A mother and father teach their children how to feed sheep. Today in New Zealand, there are about five sheep for every person, down from a peak of twenty-two to one in 1982.

young men

Aaronic Priesthood holders study the gospel together during their quorum meeting.

men playing rugby on the beach

Rugby and the beach are popular throughout New Zealand.