Missionary Work in the Last Days

“Missionary Work in the Last Days,” Liahona, October 2022.

For Parents

Missionary Work in the Last Days

Young men

Dear Parents,

Despite the chaos of the world, the Lord’s work continues to move forth. We are witnessing the work of the Lord as temples are announced and constructed, as members worldwide diligently serve, and as missionaries volunteer their time to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord has also asked us to minister to the one. Whether that is an existing member of the Church or a new friend who has shown interest in our beliefs, the Lord knows them, and He knows you.

Gospel Discussions

Covenants and the Gathering of Israel

Share with your family some quotes from President Russell M. Nelson’s inspiring article on page 4 and discuss how keeping our covenants helps us “have the strength to resist the constant influence of the world.” If you have children who are preparing to serve a mission, share his teachings about missionaries doing “the greatest work on earth today.”

God Knows Each of Us

We are all Heavenly Father’s children, and He loves us. Because of this, He also cares about our personal conversion. Read Elder Jorge T. Becerra’s message on page 40 about his grandfather’s experience with personal conversion and discuss how you know that the Lord knows and loves you.

Having the Right Focus in Living the Gospel

To help your children better understand what to focus on as they try to live the gospel, read the article on page 30 to learn how a young adult changed her mindset to see the purpose of each commandment and gospel principle.

Come, Follow Me Family Fun

Links of Love

Isaiah 52

In Isaiah 52:7, the prophet tells us that Christ will give us peace, the gospel, and salvation.

  1. Discuss ways you can share these great blessings through missionary work. List as many as your family can think of. (Examples: share the gospel with your friends; take your ancestors’ names to the temple to complete their ordinances.)

  2. Place a Book of Mormon on one side of the room. Have one person stand at the other side and, without moving his or her feet, reach for the book. (Make sure the book is placed out of reach.)

  3. Have each member of your family line up between the person at the side of the room and the Book of Mormon. Link hands, creating a chain of people, and pass the Book of Mormon to the first person. (By knowing how many people are in your group, you can estimate how far away to start the first person.)

Discussion: What kind of actions in our lives might create “links” to help others recognize the blessings of the gospel?