Does the Lord Have Something to Say to Me?

“Does the Lord Have Something to Say to Me?,” Liahona, Oct. 2022.

Aging Faithfully

Does the Lord Have Something to Say to Me?

Finally, at age 90, my mother received her patriarchal blessing.

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My mother, Margaret, moved from Switzerland to the United States as a young woman. Not long after that, she had an appointment to receive her patriarchal blessing. But when she went to meet with the patriarch, he wasn’t there. For whatever reason, my mother felt like that was confirmation the Lord didn’t have anything to tell her, and she never rescheduled her appointment.

From time to time over the years, I would suggest to my mother that she reconsider receiving her blessing. She was one of the most faithful women I ever knew. However, she was so humble that she replied that she didn’t merit anything special from the Lord. She didn’t need a blessing, she said, because she was just a simple girl. And she was OK with that.

Finally, when she was 90, we convinced her to schedule an appointment with her patriarch. Ironically, there was a miscommunication with this patriarch as well, and when Mother showed up, the patriarch was out of town. “See?” she said. “I told you the Lord has nothing special to tell me.”

Fortunately, she and the patriarch were able to meet the next week. When the blessing was given, it was filled with gifts, promises, and details about her life that were so personal they could have come only from the Lord’s knowledge of her.

“I guess the Lord did have something to say to me, after all,” she said.

It is clear to me that the Lord knows us individually. And whether you’re at the beginning of your life or the end of it, He loves you so much that He has important counsel to give to you through your patriarch.

The author lives in Utah, USA.