Perspective on Those Dark and Gloomy Times

    “Perspective on Those Dark and Gloomy Times,” Liahona, February 2020

    Young Adults

    Perspective on Those Dark and Gloomy Times

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    We’ve all had dark and gloomy days where we feel like nothing’s going right. During those moments we may ask ourselves, “Why me? Why now? How am I going to endure this?” Fortunately, we haven’t been left alone. We can count on the loving guidance of our Heavenly Father.

    When I was younger, I used to complain about and question the adversity I faced—until something happened that impacted my life forever: I had an accident in which, unfortunately, I completely lost the fingers on my left hand. As hard as that was to endure, that trial taught me to trust in Heavenly Father. And, in spite of everything, I learned to be optimistic and grateful and to never give up. Something in me changed completely, and I felt how Heavenly Father extends His love to us and leads us through all of the difficult things we go through in life. You can read my story in the digital version of this issue.

    In her article on page 44, Julieta also reminds us that we can be happy even in the midst of purifying fire and to look to the future with faith. In digital-only articles, Lydia reminds us to look for the purpose in our trials. Trials are what help us become like our Heavenly Father. And on page 48, Brixton testifies that while the Savior can heal our wounds, including challenges with mental health, sometimes it’s necessary—and most definitely OK—to reach out to others for help.

    I know with all my heart that every difficulty—every dark and gloomy time in our lives—can lead to a sacred purpose and that that purpose is to refine us and change us so that one day we can ultimately become perfect like our Heavenly Father.