Show and Tell

    “Show and Tell,” Liahona, February 2020

    Show and Tell

    I like to invite my friends to come to church or to the activities with me.

    Jacob K., age 12, New South Wales, Australia

    I felt very happy to enter the waters of baptism. My brother, who served a mission, baptized me!

    Astrid V., age 8, Arequipa, Peru

    We have family living in Tonga, so we were sad when a cyclone hit there. We thought of an idea to send water purifiers so that they could have clean water to drink. We worked hard and earned enough money to send three boxes of water purifiers! Our family in Tonga had enough to share with their community.

    Kalea and Christopher L., both age 8, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Primary children in the San Luis Province, Argentina, practiced for the Primary program and were excited to present it!

    Primary children in the Ping Chen District, Taiwan, put fuzzy balls in a container to represent prayers given, scriptures read, and when they felt love from God. Each week they shared what they had done, felt, prayed about, or learned. They had many reminders of God’s love!