Nephi’s Broken Bow

    “Nephi’s Broken Bow,” Liahona, February 2020

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    Nephi’s Broken Bow

    Nephis worried family

    One day in the wilderness, Nephi’s hunting bow broke. His family was worried. They didn’t know how they would get food without it.

    Nephi prays, follows Liahona

    Nephi had faith. He made a new bow and arrow. His father, Lehi, prayed for help.

    They looked at the Liahona. It was a special ball the Lord gave them. When they kept the commandments, the Liahona showed them where to go.

    Nephi carrying his bow

    Nephi was able to get food for his family!

    kids flying kites

    When bad or sad things happen, I won’t give up! Heavenly Father will help me solve problems.