Show and Tell

    “Show and Tell,” Liahona, September 2019

    Show and Tell

    Show and Tell

    I know Jesus lives and He gave His life for us. I know Jesus is our Savior and Redeemer.

    Maria B., age 10, Altai Krai, Russia


    I love to pray. When I lost a toy, I prayed, and God helped me find it. Sometimes I pray before class and football games. I like it when we pray as a family and when I am asked to pray in Primary. I love to pray because I know that Heavenly Father hears me and answers my prayers.

    Kirill U., age 8, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia

    Drawing of the Second Coming

    Talus P., age 9, Virginia, USA


    I like to read the Book of Mormon every night and always pray to know that it is true.

    Aaron P., age 7, Esmeraldas, Ecuador


    I share my colors with my classmates.

    Mira L., age 6, Central Luzon, Philippines