Dear Parents
September 2019

“Dear Parents,” Liahona, September 2019

Dear Parents

Dear Parents

This has been an exciting year for temples around the world! Temples have been dedicated in Italy, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Brazil, Haiti, and Portugal. Several other temples are being rededicated. This magazine has several articles that talk about temples. Your children can:

  • Review the temple-recommend questions (page F11).

  • Follow Mei as she learns about a family member who needs temple ordinances done (pages F12–F13).

  • Read a story about a child’s first temple trip (pages F14–F15).

Can your children find all the times the word temple is used in the magazine? They could practice writing the sentence “I love to see the temple” and draw a picture of your family at the temple. We would love to see your pictures!

How have temples blessed your life?

The Friend