Elder Bednar Visits India

    “Elder Bednar Visits India,” Liahona, April 2019

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    Elder Bednar Visits India

    Elder Bednar Visits India

    Elder David A. Bednar traveled with his wife, Susan Bednar, to share his testimony of Jesus Christ with members of the Church in India. India is one of the biggest countries in the world. And soon it will have its first temple!

    Elder and Sister Bednar went to the city of Rajahmundry. An Apostle had never been there before.

    Children got to shake Elder Bednar’s hand.

    At a meeting in the city of Hyderabad, this girl got to ask Elder Bednar a question.

    Everyone was happy to hear the testimony of an Apostle of God!

    “The more I travel the world, the more nations I visit, the more people I’m blessed to learn from, the more I find that in all the world people are basically the same.”

    —Elder David A. Bednar