How can my patriarchal blessing help me make decisions?

    “How can my patriarchal blessing help me make decisions?” Liahona, April 2019

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    “How can my patriarchal blessing help me make decisions?”

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    Our Personal Liahona

    Patriarchal blessings are a way that Heavenly Father helps us know our premortal, mortal, and eternal identity. By knowing these three special truths about ourselves, it helps us follow the plan God has for us. We know who we are, why we are here, and where we can be. As the Liahona worked according to the faith and diligence of Nephi and his family in following its counsel (see 1 Nephi 16:28), we too can be faithful and diligent in following our own Liahona and its counsel, which will guide us to our divine potential.

    Elder Utai, age 20, Argentina Salta Mission

    An Eternal Perspective

    Whenever I feel clueless in making decisions, I turn to my patriarchal blessing and ponder its divine revelation. And then deciding becomes easy. It not only helps me endure my earthly life and reap promised blessings, but it also reminds me of preparing myself to worthily enter the Lord’s kingdom someday. It continually helps me grow in faith, trust in the Lord’s will, and live with an eternal perspective.

    Abegail F., age 18, Cagayan Valley, Philippines

    Heavenly Counsel

    My patriarchal blessing gives me counsel from my Heavenly Father. If I follow that counsel, I know I will get revelation on decisions I need to make. He answers some of my questions even before I ask them.

    Cami H., age 16, Utah, USA

    Listen to the Spirit

    If you are searching for comfort and guidance or for an answer to a burning question, you can pray sincerely about it and read your patriarchal blessing with real intent of heart, while listening to the Spirit. Searching the scriptures helps too. I believe that if you do this with real faith, the Lord will answer you, in His own time, in the best way.

    Kezia B., age 15, Hawaii, USA

    Promised Blessings

    Patriarchal blessings tell us what God wants to bless us with. He gives us warnings and explains how we can become more like Him. When we know what Heavenly Father has in store for us and how to get it, we will choose and act accordingly to receive it.

    Hunter H., age 18, Utah, USA