New Children’s Section of the Liahona

    “New Children’s Section of the Liahona,” Liahona, April 2019

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    New Children’s Section of the Liahona

    Beginning in 2019, the children’s pages of the Liahona changed in three major ways:

    • A stand-alone section. Now children will have better access to faith-building stories and activities in the children’s pages, called the Friend. The Liahona will also continue to feature articles for adults, young adults, and youth.

    • More pages. An increase from 14 to 24 pages means more stories, activities, and ideas for teaching children at home and in Primary. (Teaching ideas are aligned with the new Come, Follow Me resources.)

    • New paper. The new child-friendly paper is easier to cut, color, and draw on.

    The Friend will be included with the Liahona subscription at no added cost and will be shipped with the magazine. At this time, the Friend cannot be ordered by itself.

    Everyone who receives the Liahona can play a part in giving children access to the Friend. Those who don’t have a child at home can give it to a grandchild, a friend or neighbor, or a Primary leader, who can pass it on to a child in the ward or branch.

    To order a subscription or to give one as a gift, go to, contact your nearest distribution center, or talk to your ward or branch clerk.

    Let the Liahona know how you use the new Friend at home and at church by emailing