Improving as a Christlike Teacher: A Personal Evaluation
February 2018

“Improving as a Christlike Teacher: A Personal Evaluation,” Liahona, February 2018

Improving as a Christlike Teacher: A Personal Evaluation

improving as a christlike teacher

Consider the principles of effective teaching below. In areas where you feel you can grow, use the space provided to write what you feel prompted to do.

1. I attend teacher council meetings with a humble desire to learn and participate (see D&C 112:10).

2. I regularly record impressions of the Spirit to help me as a learner and teacher (see D&C 76:28).

3. I commence preparation of my lessons at least a week in advance (see D&C 88:118–119).

4. I have an appropriate balance of teacher instruction and class discussion (see D&C 88:122).

5. I fervently plead for the Spirit so I can be an instrument in God’s hands (see D&C 42:14).

6. I take time to ponder the scripture block before reading the lesson or outside material so I can enhance the revelation I might receive (see D&C 42:61).

7. I help my class members, especially youth, not only learn the gospel but also become effective teachers so they can become better missionaries, leaders, teachers, and parents (see D&C 88:77).

8. I pray by name for those in my class (see Luke 22:32).

9. I reach out to those in my class who don’t attend? (see Luke 15:1–7).

10. What is my biggest challenge to becoming a Christlike teacher, and how can I overcome that challenge?