The Plan of Happiness
February 2018

“The Plan of Happiness,” Liahona, February 2018

The Plan of Happiness

the plan of happiness

Color these pictures to learn about Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness for you! You could also cut them out, glue the backs of the pictures together, and staple the edges to make a booklet.

Before I was born, I lived as a spirit with my Heavenly Parents. Heavenly Father told me He had a plan to help me learn and grow. I was so happy!

Jesus Christ volunteered to be my Savior. He came to earth and set a perfect example for me. He paid for my sins. He knows what my troubles feel like and can help me. I love Jesus!

I was born on this beautiful earth. I got a body! My spirit and body work together as I learn. Every day, I try to follow Jesus by being kind.

I follow Jesus by being baptized. I promise to keep the commandments. Heavenly Father promises the Holy Ghost will help me. When I make a wrong choice, I repent and try better next time. This is how I learn and grow!

Even though I’m far from my Heavenly Parents and Jesus Christ, I can still feel close to Them. I can pray to Heavenly Father anytime. I can read the scriptures. One day, I can go to the temple, where I will learn more about God’s plan for me. It’s a peaceful, happy place.

Death is just another part of life. When I die, my body will stay on earth and my spirit will go to the spirit world. I will be with my family and friends.

Someday my body and spirit will come back together. I will see Jesus again! I can live with my family and Heavenly Parents forever. I’m so grateful for this plan of happiness!