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    “Our Page,” Liahona, February 2018

    Our Page

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    I follow Jesus when I show love for my school friends and am respectful of them.

    Vianca V., age 7, Colombia

    temple illustration and visit

    Every time I visit the temple with my family, I feel the Spirit very strongly, as if the Savior were with us. I love going to the temple.

    Alana L., age 8, Brazil

    brothers with the Book of Mormon

    We know that the Book of Mormon can help us with our problems, just as prayer can. My little brother loves to pray.

    Benjamín M., age 3, and Joaquín M., age 8, Chile


    I felt the Spirit when I was baptized. It made me want to choose the right. I was happy when I did what Jesus taught. When I went to the temple with my sister, my mom, and my dad, we were sealed and I was happy. We will be an eternal family if we do what is right.

    Manuel R., age 9, El Salvador