Hands, Heart, and a Smile

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“Hands, Heart, and a Smile,” Liahona, August 2016, 70–71

Hands, Heart, and a Smile

The author lives in Utah, USA.

Liahona Magazine, 2016/08 Aug

Lydia watched Mommy get ready for work. Mommy put on pretty pink lipstick. She looked beautiful.

Lydia looked in the mirror. She felt sad. “I don’t have any lipstick,” Lydia said. “So I’m not beautiful.”

Mommy hugged her tight. “Wearing lipstick isn’t what makes people beautiful. Being strong and kind makes people beautiful.

“You are strong and kind when your hands help others.

“You are strong and kind when your heart loves everyone.

“And you are strong and kind when you smile. That makes everyone happy too.

“Being strong and kind makes you beautiful inside, not just outside.”

Lydia wanted to be strong and kind!

She used her hands to carry the mail in for Grandpa. She gave her last cookie to her cousin.

She felt love in her heart when she played with a new neighbor. And she felt love when she gave coins to a girl collecting money for people who didn’t have homes.

She smiled at people she saw. They all smiled back.

That night Lydia told Mommy, “You are right! I feel strong and kind. I used my hands and my heart and my smile today.”

Mommy smiled. “You are strong and kind, just like Jesus wants you to be!”