When I hear of Pioneer Children

    “When I hear of Pioneer Children,” Liahona, July 2016, 79

    When I Hear of Pioneer Children

    With conviction=120–126


    When I hear of pioneer children,

    Of trials and courage and faith,

    I want to be willing as they were

    To look to the Lord for my strength.

    I’ll follow the prophets as they did,

    For I want to build Zion too!

    I’ll try to have faith to do hard things

    When that’s what He needs me to do.

    When I hear of pioneer children,

    I want to be strong for my day.

    I’ll try to keep all the commandments

    And be a true Latter-day Saint.

    I’ll stand as a shining example

    That others who follow will see.

    I’ll be like those pioneer children;

    The Lord is depending on me.