I Can Read the Book of Mormon

    “I Can Read the Book of Mormon,” Liahona, July 2016, 75

    I Can Read the Book of Mormon


    This Month’s Scriptures

    After you read a scripture passage, color the matching numbered areas on the title of liberty!

    1 Alma 43:9–12, 16–23, 47–54

    2 Alma 44:1–10, 12, 19–20

    3 Alma 46:10–16, 21–22

    4 Alma 53:10–21

    5 Alma 56:2–11, 41–48, 55–56

    6 Helaman 5:20–44

    7 Helaman 8:1, 4, 10, 25–28

    8 Helaman 9:1–5, 19–24, 39–40

    The Title of Liberty

    Moroni led the Nephites in a war against the Lamanites to defend their homes and families. Captain Moroni made a “title of liberty” out of his coat. He wrote a special message to remind the Nephites what they were fighting for: “In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children” (Alma 46:12). Read more about it on page 76. And look for another reading challenge next issue!