Captain Moroni Was Brave

    “Captain Moroni Was Brave,” Liahona, July 2016, 74

    Book of Mormon Heroes

    Captain Moroni Was Brave


    Captain Moroni led the Nephite army. He loved to obey Heavenly Father. He helped the Nephite soldiers defend themselves against the Lamanites. He reminded them of Heavenly Father’s blessings. He reminded them of their freedom and their families so they could be brave.

    A lot of children at school use language that makes me uncomfortable. My mom and I said a prayer to ask for courage and to know the best thing to do. The next day when they started to use that language, I politely said, “Please stop using those words. It makes me feel uncomfortable.” They said, “OK, sorry.” That made me feel happy inside, and I was glad I learned that Heavenly Father will help me when I ask for help.

    Bella T., age 10, Virginia, USA

    Grant L., age 10, Florida, USA