Testimony Treasure
February 2016

“Testimony Treasure,” Liahona, February 2016, 70–71

Testimony Treasure

The author lives in Amazonas, Brazil.

What kind of treasure grows when you share it?

“And now I do know of myself … for the Lord God hath made them manifest unto me by his Holy Spirit” (Alma 5:46).

testimony treasure

Sabrina watched as Mom walked to the door with their neighbors. “Thank you for this book,” the father said. He was holding a Book of Mormon.

“Mommy, why do you talk about the Church to everyone?” Sabrina asked later while they washed dishes together.

“It’s because my testimony of the Church is like a treasure,” Mom said. “It makes me happy. And I want to share it with others so they can be happy too!”

Sabrina pictured Mom’s shiny necklace in her jewelry box. “What do you mean it’s like a treasure?”

“Well, a testimony is very valuable,” Mom said. “It’s a gift from Heavenly Father that helps us know what’s true.”

“How did you get it?” Sabrina wanted to know.

Mom handed Sabrina a sparkling clean dish to dry. “I got it a little at a time. When I pray or read the scriptures, I feel peaceful and warm inside. It’s like I’m adding to my testimony treasure.”

Sabrina nodded slowly. Could she get a testimony treasure?

On Sunday, Sabrina’s Primary teacher told a story about Jesus Christ. Sabrina listened closely. Sister Lopez said Jesus invited all the little children to come to Him. He blessed and taught them. When Sabrina thought about Jesus, she started to feel warm in her heart.

Sabrina hurried to find Mom after Primary. “Mommy, guess what?” She told Mom about the warm feeling.

“That’s beautiful,” Mom said. “That feeling is when the Holy Ghost touches our hearts and lets us know the gospel is true.”

Sabrina smiled up at Mom. “That’s what happened! It made me happy inside.” The Holy Ghost had been so quiet that Sabrina knew she wouldn’t have noticed Him if she hadn’t been reverent.

Mom hugged her tight. “Now you’re getting your own testimony treasure.” Sabrina hugged Mom back. She wanted to share her treasure with everyone—just like Mom did! But how could she do that?

That night Sabrina found a pass-along card with a picture of Jesus on the front. She tucked it in her backpack.

The next day when it was time for recess, Sabrina remembered the card. She pulled it out and went to find her friend Carla. “Here, Carla, this is for you,” Sabrina said.

Carla held the card close. “Thank you! I love pictures of Jesus.”

Sabrina showed Carla the website on the back. “You can learn more about Jesus’s Church here.”

“What church is that?” Carla asked.

“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” Sabrina said. “Going to church and learning about Jesus makes me happy.”

Carla put the card in her pocket. “I’m going to show this card to my mom.”

A few weeks later, Carla ran up to Sabrina before class. “I have something to tell you!” she said. She had a big smile on her face.

Sabrina was excited. What could it be? Carla smiled. “My family went to your church! And it was like you said—I felt happy there.”

“I knew you would feel the Holy Ghost!” Sabrina said.

“And I think we’re going to get baptized soon!”

Sabrina jumped up and hugged Carla. Now they could share their testimony treasures together!