Nephi’s Family Crosses the Ocean
February 2016

“Nephi’s Family Crosses the Ocean,” Liahona, February 2016, 76–78

Book of Mormon Stories

Nephi’s Family Crosses the Ocean

Nephis family crosses the ocean
Nephis family crosses the ocean 2
Nephis family crosses the ocean 3

Nephi’s family traveled in the wilderness for eight years. At last they came to a beautiful place. It was near the sea, and it had lots of fruit and honey to eat. Everyone was so happy!

But their journey was not over. Heavenly Father told Nephi to build a ship. He showed Nephi how it should look. He promised the ship would take them to a wonderful new land.

First Nephi made tools. Then he started building. Nephi’s brothers Laman and Lemuel complained. They didn’t believe he could build a ship.

Nephi knew their family could trust Heavenly Father.

When the ship was finished, Nephi’s family began their ocean journey. One day Laman and Lemuel got angry with Nephi and tied him up. A big storm came and blew the ship back. The brothers repented, and Nephi guided the ship safely on its way.

Finally Nephi’s family reached the shores of a new land. Nephi and his family were happy because they knew Heavenly Father led them there.

Heavenly Father always keeps His promises!