Enos Was Prayerful
February 2016

“Enos Was Prayerful,” Liahona, February 2016, 74

Book of Mormon Hero

Enos Was Prayerful

Enos was prayerful

Enos prayed about what was worrying him. He prayed for others too. He even prayed for his enemies! How can you be like Enos this month?

While on a family vacation, we got separated from my dad and little brother. It was getting dark. The rest of the family didn’t know what to do. I told them we should pray. We said a prayer, and then we started to walk to some other stores. We looked up the street and saw my dad and my little brother! I was happy. I knew that God loved us and helped us find our dad.

Oliver P., age 8, São Paulo, Brazil