The Sabbath Is a Delight
August 2015

“The Sabbath Is a Delight,” Liahona, August 2015, 60–61

The Sabbath Is a Delight

Five ways to make your Sundays more meaningful.

With the challenges going on around us, honoring the Sabbath takes on added significance as it helps us to stay spiritually strong. These youth from Eastern Europe share their thoughts about how the Sabbath strengthens them—and how it can strengthen you too.

Become Closer to the Lord

The Sabbath is a day when I can fully give myself to the Lord. I try not to waste time but instead use it to become better and to come closer to Heavenly Father. On Sundays I am really happy to serve the Church members by sitting near them to show that they are not forgotten. Serving others brings me happiness.

For me, the Sabbath is a day of learning, happiness, and joy as I learn to serve the Lord. I keep the Sabbath day as holy as I can. Trusting in Heavenly Father in all things will bring us joy and happiness on the earth and in heaven with Him and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Arvis B., age 18, Latvia

Take the Sacrament

Every day I look forward to the day when I can go to church and partake of the sacrament. I cannot wait until I can put on my Sunday clothes, prepare myself, go to church, and once again renew covenants with God.

Sometimes when I get up in the morning, I am grumpy. But when I go to church and partake of the sacrament, attend my meetings, and study the scriptures, I feel the Holy Ghost, and this lifts my spirits. It is important to partake of the sacrament each week, since our Savior Himself showed us what we need to do.

Diana D., age 14, Latvia

Study the Scriptures with Others

Attending our Sunday services and partaking of the sacrament fill us with the Spirit for the whole week. We get more information from the scriptures, and the experiences of our teachers help us understand the scriptures better. When we study the scriptures together, we can gain new insights into them and learn from each other.

Antonina B., age 18, Central Federal District, Russia

Choose Activities to Keep the Spirit

Jesus’s request to tarry and watch with Him (see Matthew 26:38)touched my heart and led me to the realization that the Sabbath day is a day when we can partake of the sacrament as a token of remembrance for His service to us.

The more I think about this, the more I want to know Him. This kind of striving helps me choose the right things on a day that is free from all worldly cares: Sunday. These things include reading and studying the scriptures, serving my family, watching uplifting movies, sharing spiritual insights with friends, and constant prayer. The more I turn my heart to Jesus, the more I come to know and draw nearer to Him. I cannot name a single blessing more wonderful than this.

Sister Aleksandrovna C., age 25, Russia Novosibirsk Mission

Be Uplifted by the Spirit

For me the Sabbath day is an opportunity to study the gospel of Jesus Christ in greater depth. Without a doubt, a person who comes to church prepared and desiring to participate in the sacrament and who is trying to learn will receive blessings and be uplifted by the Spirit, not just on Sunday but throughout the following week.

There are many opportunities outside the walls of the church where we can keep the Sabbath holy: spending time with family, helping the missionaries, serving in the ward, and reading Church literature. The Sabbath day is a time to understand God’s laws. When we recognize this and thank God for this opportunity, we will have no difficulty keeping the Sabbath day holy.

Elder Vladimir Aleksandrovich Z., age 18, Russia Novosibirsk Mission