Tag, You’re It!
August 2015

“Tag, You’re It!” Liahona, August 2015, 68–69

Tag, You’re It!

The author lives in Utah, USA.

It didn’t seem like such a fun idea—at least, not for Ally.

“I want to be kind to ev’ryone, for that is right, you see” (Children’s Songbook, 145).


“I’m so excited for recess!” Ally told Lauren as they put their lunch boxes back on the shelf in their classroom. “Tami just said we’re all going to play tag together on the playground today.”

“Fun!” Lauren said. “I love tag.”

Lauren was happy and surprised that Tami had invited Ally to play. Tami had always been mean to Ally. Lauren was glad she was finally trying to be nice.

“I need to take a book to the library first, so make sure they don’t start without me.” Ally smiled as she ran down the hall to the library.

Lauren raced out to the playground. When she got there, Tami was already gathering the other kids into a circle. Lauren ran over to join them.

“Hurry up, everyone!” Tami called as she motioned everyone into a tight huddle. “I have a fun idea I want to tell everyone before Ally gets out here.”

Lauren didn’t feel very good about this.

All the kids squeezed into the huddle to hear. “Instead of tagging everyone like we usually do,” Tami said, “let’s just tag Ally. But no one better tell her, or else!” Tami giggled. She seemed so proud of herself.

Lauren looked at the other kids in the circle. A lot of these kids hadn’t been nice to Ally since kindergarten. That’s when the kids really started being mean to Ally. They would make fun of her and tease her. Most times Tami started it and the other kids would follow.

Lauren had never liked how they treated Ally. She decided right then that she wouldn’t follow along with them. She knew everyone was a child of God and should be treated with kindness.

She took a deep breath and looked Tami in the eyes. “That doesn’t sound like a fun idea to me. I don’t think we should treat Ally like that. So I don’t want to play.”

Lauren walked out of the circle and started back toward the school alone to find Ally.

At least she thought she was alone.

Then she heard, “Hey, wait up!” Lauren turned around and there were most of the kids from Tami’s circle. She couldn’t believe it!

“Let’s go find Ally and start our own game of tag,” Damon said.

“I want to play too!” Lea said. The others nodded.

Lauren smiled. That awful feeling in her stomach was gone.

“Good idea!” Lauren said. “There’s Ally coming over right now.”

She turned and tapped Damon on the shoulder. “Tag, you’re it!” she yelled, then raced toward Ally. And all the kids came racing after.