Why Seminary?

“Why Seminary?” Liahona, Apr. 2012, 48–49

Why Seminary?

What would you say is the most important thing a student can gain from seminary and institute? When a group of seminary students asked the Commissioner of the Church Educational System, Elder Paul V. Johnson of the Seventy, this same question, he answered that the most important thing you could gain is “the real testimony that Jesus is the Christ. The understanding that the real knowledge is the spiritual knowledge. It’s what comes from the Holy Ghost to our souls individually. That’s the most powerful truth, the most powerful thing that can come out of seminary and institute. It doesn’t just change what you know; it changes who you are, and it changes how you look at the world. And that kind of higher education helps to make your other education complete” (“A Higher Education,” New Era, Apr. 2009, 15).

Elder Johnson is one of the many General Authorities who have spoken about the wonderful blessings that come from attending seminary and institute. So if you’re wondering why you should go to seminary, here are more good reasons from prophets and apostles.

Photograph of Spencer W. Kimball courtesy of LDS Church Archives