April 2012

“Comment,” Liahona, Apr. 2012, 79


A Necessary Compass

The Liahona is my beacon in this life. With it, I will never be lost. I believe that everyone who reads the Church magazines can find exactly what he or she needs. I am the Primary president, and I see that the children love to hear the stories about children like themselves in the magazine. The Liahona is a very necessary compass in our lives; it helps us avoid Satan’s pitfalls.

Yanina Ivanivna Davydenko, Ukraine

Experiences Lend Comfort

The Liahona has helped me so much through its messages and articles. With the agitated life we have, I often stop during the day and read an article from the magazine that shares the life experiences of other members. These articles always help me to find some spiritual comfort and renew my desire to return to the presence of God and Jesus Christ with my family.

João Carlos, Brazil