Seeing the Joy of Easter

“Seeing the Joy of Easter,” Liahona, Apr. 2012, 70–71

Seeing the Joy of Easter

  1. I like the smell of flowers!

    They are so pretty!

  2. Is everyone excited for Easter?

    Sort of.

    Not really.

  3. I thought you two enjoyed holidays.

    We do! My favorite holiday is Christmas.

    It’s my favorite too! I love getting presents.

  4. Why aren’t you excited for Easter?

    Easter is a sad day. It’s about when Jesus died.

  5. Do you remember what happened on Easter Sunday?

  6. I know! Jesus came back alive!

    And we can come back alive too.

  7. That’s right. Easter is a happy holiday when we celebrate Jesus’s Resurrection.

  8. I love Easter.

    Me too.

Illustrations by Jed Henry