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“Our Space,” Liahona, Feb. 2012, 55

Our Space

How to Keep Clean Thoughts

Those who can control their thoughts are masters over themselves, said President Boyd K. Packer, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.1 One of the ways to control your thoughts is to select your favorite hymn and have a picture of a temple. Display the picture in your bedroom. Every time you see a person dressed immodestly, review the hymn carefully in your mind or think of the temple. If unworthy thoughts do not depart from your mind, pray and fast in order to forget them.

Joseph D., age 20, Haiti

Don’t Lose Hope

One of the trials that our family endured was when my oldest brother got sick and, after a while, died. It was really hard for us at first, but our family was able to overcome that trial. Because our family was sealed in the temple, we know that we will be with my brother again and with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ when the right time comes.

I know that this trial was one of the ways the Lord prepared us for other trials—to help us become stronger. Everyone has trials to endure, and our Heavenly Father knows we can overcome them. So we shouldn’t lose hope.

Carmila R., age 18, Southern Tagalog, Philippines

Too Many Rules?

For the past year I thought there were too many rules in the Church, and I thought, “How can it be fun in heaven?” I felt like I was tied to the Church and it was impossible to break free.

I then watched my friends’ lives. Why didn’t I go through some of the trials they did? One night it hit me—I didn’t get into that stuff because I followed the rules that Heavenly Father set out for me. I also figured out that if you follow the rules, you can be happy and can raise a family and live with Heavenly Father and Jesus for eternity.

Stephanie H., age 13, Utah, USA

“Pandas … check. Pigs … check. Porcupines …”

Photograph of Salt Lake Temple by Craig Dimond; illustration by Val Chadwick Bagley