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“Our Page,” Liahona, Feb. 2012, 62

Our Page

Serve One Another

I know that President Thomas S. Monson has asked us to serve other people. One Sunday afternoon I wanted to visit my grandmother, who lives alone, and spend the night with her to keep her company. My mother gave her permission, and my grandmother was very surprised and happy to see me. We talked, made a little snack, and looked at the Liahona together. After having prayer, we went to sleep.

During the night, there was a bad storm—wind, lightning, thunder, rain, and hail! It woke us up, and my grandmother told me she would have been very afraid if I had not been there with her. I was glad to be able to serve her this way.

Vinício R., age 10, Brazil

The Salt Lake Temple, by Eve D., age 4, Ukraine

A Sister Missionary in Red Square, by Emile D., age 9, Ukraine

Mia Lynn L., age 5, from Germany, is already learning to be a missionary. While having lunch with a friend one day, Mia said a blessing on the food, prompting the friend’s mother to ask Mia’s mother about Church beliefs. Now Mia might invite her friend to Primary.

Heavenly Father Hears Our Prayers

I have great faith in Jesus Christ and in His commandments and, above all, in prayer. One Sunday my paternal grandfather and I went to visit my great-grandmother. I decided to take my small puppy. On our way home my puppy was hit by a boy on a bicycle. It scared him, and he ran after the boy. My grandfather and I chased after him, but we couldn’t find him. We had to go home without him. We were all very sad. My great-grandmother called and told me to find a private place and to pray for my puppy.

Early the next morning we heard a dog barking—my puppy was home! I know that Heavenly Father heard my prayer.

Stephanie P., age 8, Honduras