A Prayer for Safety
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“A Prayer for Safety,” Liahona, Feb. 2012, 66–67

A Prayer for Safety

“I speak to Heav’nly Father. He hears and answers me when I pray in faith” (“I Pray in Faith,” Children’s Songbook, 14).

I love nature! I like to hear the singing of the birds, the rustling of the leaves in the wind, and the sound of the sea.

Sometimes my family goes to the beach with other families. The dads play volleyball, and the moms sit under umbrellas and play with the younger children.

One afternoon I was so excited when we got to the ocean! The waves were calm, and there were small pools scattered around the shoreline. I ran to the water. I wanted to swim like a fish and collect seashells.

“Stay close, Sueli!” my mother called as she gathered the young children into the shade of the big umbrella.

“All right, Mom,” I said as I dug my toes into the wet sand.

I searched for shells and inspected the little creatures in the pools along the shore. As I splashed in one of the pools, I looked back toward my family. I could see the umbrellas in the distance. I realized I had gone too far away. I tried to swim back to the beach, but the tide had risen. The pool grew deeper as I struggled to get out.

I was getting tired, and I knew I was in danger. All I could think of was getting help from Heavenly Father. I said a prayer in my mind. As soon as I finished praying, a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me to safety. It was one of my father’s friends. I am grateful that Heavenly Father answered my prayer and held out His hand by sending someone to help me.

The next time we visited the ocean I stayed close to my family, just as I can stay close to Heavenly Father through prayer.

Illustration by Roger Motzkus