Fulfillment through My Calling

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“Fulfillment through My Calling,” Liahona, Aug. 2011, 43–44

Fulfillment through My Calling

Mat Carter, Utah, USA

As a single adult, I have found I am able to contribute to my ward and find fulfillment as I serve in different Church callings.

I currently serve as the second counselor in the Young Men presidency. Being in the Young Men organization has given me the opportunity to go with the deacons to collect fast offerings, meet with less-active members of the ward, and attend youth conferences and Mutual activities. I have also enjoyed going to the temple with the youth to perform baptisms for the dead. While serving in this calling, I have worked hard to help the young men grow into men by showing that I love and appreciate them. These experiences have helped me progress spiritually and have been a blessing in my life.