Just One Coin

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“Just One Coin,” Liahona, Aug. 2011, 70–71

Just One Coin

“Though my tenth seems small, it shows my faith and gratitude to him, the Lord of all” (“I Want to Give the Lord My Tenth,” Children’s Songbook, 150).

  1. Daniel stared at the coin on his dresser. He had been looking at it for the last few minutes. It didn’t look like very much.

    Daniel, are you ready for church?

    Yes, Dad. I’ll be right there.

  2. Daniel stuck the coin in his pocket and ran to catch up with his family.

  3. When Daniel and his family arrived at church, he got a tithing slip and an envelope from outside the bishop’s office.

    Dad, can you help me fill this out?

    Of course.

  4. How much tithing are you paying today?

    Not very much. Just this.

    Daniel, is this 10 percent of the money you earned?


    Then this is perfect.

  5. Daniel sealed the envelope and gave the tithing to the bishop. The bishop shook his hand. Daniel wondered if the bishop would still have shaken his hand if he knew there was only one coin in the envelope.

  6. I’m proud of you, Daniel. Paying tithing is a good choice.

    I know, Dad, but it was just one coin.

  7. You never know what that one coin will pay for. Maybe it will pay to print one page in a Book of Mormon, or maybe it will help pay for one of the stones that is used to build a temple.

  8. Daniel had never thought of tithing that way before. He started to think of all the ways his tithing could help others.

    I guess you’re right, Dad. I’m glad I can pay tithing—even if it is just one coin.

Illustrations by Scott Peck