Create a Profile on Mormon.org

“Create a Profile on Mormon.org,” Liahona, June 2011, 9

Create a Profile on Mormon.org

Members of the Church across the world can share the gospel by creating a profile on Mormon.org. Visitors to the site use these profiles to learn about the Church directly from members. Create a profile and share your testimony by following these steps:

  1. Visit mormon.org/create. Sign in using your LDS account. If you don’t have an LDS account, register for a user name and password by providing your membership record number and date of birth. Find your membership record number on your temple recommend or by contacting your ward or branch membership clerk.

  2. Provide information in the following fields: “About Me,” “Why I Am a Mormon,” “How I Live My Faith,” “Frequently Asked Questions,” “Personal Stories,” and “Additional Information.”

  3. When creating your profile, keep in mind that you are talking to people who are not members of the Church. Avoid phrases they may not be familiar with. For example, you might say, “I teach a class of adult women once a month from the words of living prophets,” instead of, “I serve as the Teachings for Our Time instructor in Relief Society.”

  4. Provide your picture, first name, and a short introduction. You can also link your profile to your blog, Facebook account, or Twitter account, though this isn’t required. Avoid including detailed personal information, such as your last name or city of residence.

Once your profile is complete, it will be sent to moderators for approval. Once the profile is approved, visitors to the site will be able to read your testimony and contact you for more information about the Church.