Our Page

“Our Page,” Liahona, June 2011, 67

Our Page

The Primary children of the Ville-Marie Ward, Montréal Québec Stake, and their teachers and leaders enjoyed visiting the Montréal Québec Temple grounds. They were calm and reverent as the temple presidency welcomed them and gave them a tour of the grounds. They loved seeing the colorful flowers and the beautiful temple. They also viewed a film about the temple, and each received a small card with a picture of the temple.

Michael G. (right), age 11, from Panama, loves his karate classes and studies hard in school. Once he got to be “principal for a day” at his school because of his good grades.

Michael is already a courageous missionary. When the Church had an information stand at the international fair near his home, Michael and his parents stood at the entrance of the fair, gave people pamphlets about the Church, and invited them to visit the Church’s stand. He also gave a pass-along card to a friend’s family, and the missionaries taught them about the Church. He is looking forward to being a full-time missionary.

A Prayer for Comfort

One night I dreamed twice that our house was on fire and everything was burning. After that I was very frightened. So I prayed to Heavenly Father that I would not have this dream anymore. When I went back to sleep, I dreamed that I was in a beautiful field. I felt very calm, and I wasn’t afraid anymore.

Nivia Angelica A., age 10, Mexico

Jeremiah P., age 10, Samoa

Right: illustration by Adam Koford