“Comment,” Liahona, June 2011, 79


    Courage to Be Stronger

    I reflect daily on the counsel and advice I receive in the Liahona. It helps me in my daily decisions, and I find I am more committed to living the gospel. The magazine gives me the courage to be a little stronger.

    Ramon Cristopher Hipolito Villaluna, Phillipines

    Solves Impossible Problems

    The messages in the Liahona keep me strong. When I need to make seemingly impossible decisions, I reread the messages and I find the perfect solution. Please never stop including the First Presidency Message and Latter-day Saint Voices.

    Evelyn Forson, Ghana

    This Is the Truth

    The Liahona has been a guide in my life since I joined the Church 15 years ago, and I have received strong impressions from the Spirit as I have read from its pages. It is my refuge in times of sadness. As I read the stories of Saints around the world and the words of the General Authorities I feel comfort, peace, and a confirmation that this is the truth.

    Felipe Urbina, Costa Rica