Long-Distance Family Home Evening

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“Long-Distance Family Home Evening,” Liahona, June 2010, 54

Long-Distance Family Home Evening

As a family we consistently hold family home evening; however, my father often travels for extended periods of time for his employment. Sometimes that means he is out of town when it’s time for family home evening.

Then two years ago, when my father got his own laptop, one of my siblings wondered, “Why not have our family home evenings with Dad via the Internet?”

Since that time, when our father is away during family home evening, we simply agree on a time, and we connect. We can see and hear him, and he can see and hear us. The Internet and the computer have allowed our father to participate in our home evenings.

We do not have to depart from our established schedule: if it is Dad’s turn to give the lesson, for example, he gives it. One of our family’s traditions is to evaluate our personal goals each week; this is never interrupted anymore. And another important thing: our reading of the Book of Mormon as a family is now continual, since we no longer have excuses not to read.

My father also uses the Internet to keep in touch with us in other ways. When he is away from our home in Peru, he connects and finds out what we’re doing and where we are. And when it is time for interviews or family councils, these are carried out at the appointed time, even when he’s traveling.

There are many good and useful technological advances that we often don’t put to good use because we fear their misuse and the harm they can cause us. However, if we use such technology wisely and humbly, it can be of great help.

We feel very thankful in our family for the Internet because it has become a great tool for removing the obstacles that might otherwise keep our family apart.