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“In the News,” Liahona, June 2010, 77–78

In the News

Missionaries Support Family History

Since the Church released the new FamilySearch program last year, many Church members have tried the new system for the first time.

To support those new to the program or with questions about family history work in general, the Church has provided various resources, including Worldwide FamilySearch Support.

The FamilySearch Support program began in 2005 with a few volunteers offering help with family history work. The program has grown to include nearly 1,200 volunteer support missionaries positioned throughout the world.

Support missionaries are located in 34 different countries, offering assistance on a wide variety of family history questions in dozens of languages and multiple time zones.

Sister Cecilia Dimalaluan has served as a support missionary in the Philippines since August 2008 and says she loves the opportunity to share her knowledge of family history with others. One of the first Filipinos trained as a support missionary in the Philippines, she speaks Cebuano, English, and Tagalog. She helps members and nonmembers from surrounding areas, including India, Malaysia, Micronesia, Mongolia, and Singapore, learn basic family history principles.

Support missionaries are traditionally called to serve for 30 months. All support missionaries serve from their homes or family history centers in their areas, where they receive program training and day-to-day support. They respond to questions by phone or e-mail, and because they are spread out around the world, someone is available 24 hours a day, every day, with the exception of Sunday mornings.

“I love being able to serve English-speaking patrons from all around the world, helping them to do their family history,” said Sister Connie Cheney of Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA, who is currently serving her second mission with Worldwide Support.

The easiest way to contact support missionaries is through the Internet, by visiting contact.familysearch.org or via e-mail at support@familysearch.org.

The FamilySearch Web site provides toll-free telephone numbers for contacting support missionaries in different regions of the world.

In areas where the Internet is not accessible, it is best to contact family history missionaries in the area, talk to a ward or branch family history consultant, or visit a local family history center.

Article by Lauren Allen, Church Magazines

Chinese and Korean Scriptures Available Online

The Church has launched two new online versions of the LDS scriptures: the Korean version in October 2009 and the Chinese (traditonal characters) version in December. The Korean version can be found at scriptures.lds.org/ko, and the Chinese version can be found at scriptures.lds.org/ch.

The Korean and Chinese scripture sites contain the text of the triple combination (the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price) and Guide to the Scriptures, which includes a number of helpful study aids and an alphabetical listing of gospel topics. Japanese, Cebuano, and Tagalog versions of the scriptures are scheduled to be published online in 2010.