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“Comment,” Liahona, June 2010, 79


A Great Year to Come

I love the new look of the Liahona. I like the way the articles are arranged by age, especially the youth section, which helps me greatly. I like the new sections, especially the More Online section. I am looking forward to a great year!

Roland T., age 17, Pangasinan, Philippines

I Felt the Spirit

Today I felt the Spirit strongly as I read the new Liahona. I am the Young Women president, and as I saw the new format, I saw the great concern Heavenly Father has for the youth, as they now have a section dedicated just to them. I know these changes will benefit my home, my young women, and members throughout the world.

Shanin Palma Sanhueza, Chile

The Best of All

Years ago I switched all of my Church magazine subscriptions to the Liahona. It gave me the best of all the magazines and a broader worldwide perspective. However, its layout was sometimes confusing.

Now with the new Liahona, all my concerns with the layout are resolved, and the content is better focused and more substantive. Now, more than ever, the Liahona will continue to be part of my personal gospel study.

Larry D. Kump, West Virginia, USA