More Online

    “More Online,” Liahona, June 2010, 3

    More Online

    For Adults

    This issue of the Liahona contains a number of articles about Internet use. To find more information on the topic, including resources for children and parents to promote safe Internet use, visit and read the topic “Internet.”

    In his article “Called and Set Apart to Serve” (page 16), Elder Kenneth Johnson of the Seventy explains the importance of being set apart for a calling. For more information on specific callings, visit “Serving in the Church” at

    This month Small and Simple Things (page 8) addresses the topic of family communication. To learn more about strengthening your family, visit and click “Building a Strong Family.”

    Learn more about Latter-day Saints in Cambodia at

    For Youth

    In “To Cheat or Not to Cheat” (page 50), Shery Ann de la Cruz talks about an experience at school in which her integrity was put to the test. To learn more about the importance of being honest, visit and read the topic “Honesty.”

    For Children

    How are your e-manners? Find out by taking our online quiz found at While you’re there, you can also view a special video about media use.

    To find more Coloring Pages like the one on page 73 as well as other fun activities, visit and click on “Children’s Activities.”