Entering a Beautiful Place

    “Entering a Beautiful Place,” Liahona, Apr. 2010, 8

    Entering a Beautiful Place

    Joanna Velayo-Munda, Philippines

    Before I became a member of the Church, I lived near the Manila Philippines Temple. Every time I passed it, I marveled at the grandeur of the beautiful edifice. I could never see the name of the Church, but I had a feeling of wanting to enter that place.

    Years later I went to Hawaii, where I met the missionaries and was baptized. When I returned to Manila, I was surprised to learn that the building I had long wished to enter was one I could enter if I was worthy. I was overjoyed.

    When I did enter the temple, I felt I was a little above the earth. Everything was beautiful, almost heavenly. I feel so blessed to have the privilege to go inside the temple.