Subscribers Will Receive Updated Temple Booklet

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“Subscribers Will Receive Updated Temple Booklet,” Liahona, Apr. 2010, 77–78

Subscribers Will Receive Updated Temple Booklet

Subscribers to the Liahona and Ensign magazines will receive the updated Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints booklet in place of their regular October 2010 issues.

This booklet is an updated version of a publication that has been in print for more than 50 years. It began as an issue of the Church magazine Improvement Era in 1955. It later became a separate booklet that has since been updated eight times. The latest version will include new articles and photos and will be published in 45 languages.

Latter-day prophets, including President Thomas S. Monson, have continually encouraged members to receive their own temple ordinances and then return to the temple to do work for their ancestors.

The booklet is intended to teach the doctrines and principles of temple worship. Members of the Church are encouraged to have at least one copy in their homes so parents can use the booklets in family home evening or other settings to teach their families about the temple.

All ages can find something applicable in the booklet. Articles new to this edition of the booklet include “Blessings of the Temple,” by President Thomas S. Monson, and “Prepare for the Blessings of the Temple,” by Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The booklet also contains an article for youth titled “Making the Temple a Part of Your Life,” and children can learn about temples from an article titled “Your Path to the Temple.” All readers will enjoy browsing the photo essays of temples throughout the world. The booklet also contains answers to commonly asked questions to help members who are preparing to attend the temple for the first time.

Members are encouraged to share this booklet with their family members and friends of other faiths. Additional copies of the booklet will be available at Church distribution centers and at LDScatalog.com.

Stake presidents, bishops, and teachers of the temple preparation class may choose to use these materials as a supplemental resource with the Endowed from on High teacher’s manual and the booklet, Preparing to Enter the Temple.

As appropriate, priesthood leaders may give a booklet to members who are already endowed to help them remember their own temple experiences. It may also be useful for helping those coming back into Church activity who are preparing to be sealed in the temple.

“This booklet could be a wonderful resource for all members,” said Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi of the Seventy. “It is an aid to remembering the sacred temple experience, the associated covenants and blessings, and the individual responsibilities of members to do family history work to identify their ancestors and to provide essential temple ordinances for them by actively participating in temple service.”

In October, subscribers will receive an updated version of the temple booklet.

Photograph © 1996 Steve Tregeagle