A Wedding Dress and a Plan

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“A Wedding Dress and a Plan,” Liahona, Apr. 2010, 68–69

A Wedding Dress and a Plan

“Marriage is ordained of God” (D&C 49:15).

Lori sat on her older sister’s bed as Karyn finished packing her temple bag. Karyn was getting married today.

Lori was excited to go to the wedding reception that evening, but she also felt sad. Her older brother, who had served a mission, could go inside the temple with Karyn. Her parents could go too. But Lori and her two younger brothers couldn’t go inside.

“I wish I could be in the temple with you,” Lori said.

Karyn looked up from her packing. “I do too, but you’ll be right outside. And someday I’ll go to the temple with you when you get married.”

Lori didn’t feel so sad anymore, but she wondered about something else. “How did you know you wanted to marry Matt?” she asked.

Karyn sat down beside Lori. “A long time ago I learned that Heavenly Father has a plan for me. When I met Matt, I realized we could fulfill that plan together.”

“Have you finished that plan?” Lori asked.

Karyn shook her head no. “Matt and I want to have children, finish our education, and much more.”

Lori looked at the beautiful white wedding dress hanging on Karyn’s closet door. “Your dress is so pretty,” she said.

Karyn smiled. “That’s another part of the plan,” she said. “I always wanted to be married in the temple, so my dress needs to be modest.”

A few hours later Lori watched Karyn and Matt come out of the temple. Their faces glowed.

Lori ran to Karyn and threw her arms around her.

Several weeks later Lori got a picture in the mail. It was a photo of Karyn and Matt standing in front of the temple. Karyn had written at the top, “Heavenly Father has a plan for you.”

Lori put the picture on her dresser. She promised herself that someday she would go to the temple and have the same glow that shone on her sister’s face.

Illustration by Jennifer Tolman; background © Shambala Publications