Your Patriarchal Blessing
February 2010

“Your Patriarchal Blessing,” Liahona, Feb. 2010, 6


Your Patriarchal Blessing

President Monson describes a patriarchal blessing as “a personal Liahona to chart your course and guide your way.” So what is this blessing, and how can it help guide your life?

What is a patriarchal blessing?

Your blessing has two main purposes. First, it will declare your lineage, or to which tribe in the house of Israel you belong. Second, it will contain information to help guide you. Your blessing will likely contain promises, admonitions, and warnings.

How old should I be to receive my blessing?

There is no set age, but you should be old enough to appreciate the sacred nature of the blessing. Many members start thinking about receiving their blessing in their early teenage years.

How do I receive the blessing?

First talk to your bishop or branch president. If you are ready and worthy, you will receive a recommend. After that, you can schedule an appointment with the patriarch in your area.

What do I do with my blessing?

Keep it in a safe place, and read it frequently. Remember, your blessing is sacred and personal. You may share it with immediate family members, but you should not share it publicly. Also, all blessings mentioned in your patriarchal blessing are based on your faithfulness and the Lord’s timing.