Our Page

    “Our Page,” Liahona, Feb. 2010, 66

    Our Page

    Kendall A., age 10, Costa Rica

    Last year when I began elementary school, I worried very much that Mama would forget to pick me up after school. I even cried when I arrived at school. But just before class began, I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help me not to cry and to help Mama remember to pick me up.

    After I prayed I felt much better and didn’t want to cry anymore. When it was time to go, I saw Mama waiting for me at the front gate. I was so happy that Heavenly Father listened to me and answered my prayer.

    YuTing, age 7, Taiwan

    Addy L., age 10, from West Malaysia, likes to play basketball and badminton with his friends from school and church. He represented his school in the badminton tournament in 2008 and helped win the championship. He loves fishing and follows his father wherever he goes. He likes to go to the zoo and enjoys attending church.

    Yaroslav F., age 3, from Ukraine, likes the children’s pages in the Liahona. He likes his mom and dad to read the stories to him, and he tries to be like Jesus. He also likes to help!

    We spent the day with our great-aunt Dionesia and got to know more about our ancestors. We shared what we learned with our family and then used the Church’s family history Internet site.

    Marcos Elias and Marcos Emanuel M., age 10, Argentina

    Cairon A., age 5, Philippines