Family Home Evening Ideas

    “Family Home Evening Ideas,” Liahona, Feb. 2010, 79

    Family Home Evening Ideas

    These teaching suggestions are provided to give you some ideas. You can tailor them to your family. Numbers in parentheses refer to pages in Teaching, No Greater Call.

    “The Single Ski,” p. 12: During a lesson, the Holy Ghost may prompt you or those you teach to share personal experiences that others need to hear (45). Consider ways you can give family members these opportunities as you teach from this article. For example, after learning about the author’s experience, family members could share experiences when they have felt Heavenly Father’s strength and kindness in their own lives.

    “Looking toward the Temple,” p. 16: One way to help learners understand gospel principles is to have them draw pictures that relate to the theme of the lesson (166–67). After teaching the seven principles outlined in the article, consider inviting family members to draw a picture of the temple or to draw what they learned from the lesson.

    “Grow Up unto the Lord,” p. 42: Asking family members to listen for specific information in the article will increase participation in the lesson (69). As you read the article together, consider asking family members to listen for specific phrases, words, or principles that can help them “grow up unto the Lord.”

    “Maria’s New Dress,” p. 62: “When you use a variety of learning activities, learners tend to understand gospel principles better and retain more” (89). Consider thinking of ways your children could listen for, sing about, or share truths they learn from this article. For example, as you read the story, invite your children to raise their hands or put their fingers on their noses when they notice Maria is not paying attention. Consider having your children sing a Primary song related to what they learn from the story.