“Comment,” Liahona, Dec. 2008, 48


Fortified by the Message

One day I was fasting because I was troubled by many difficulties, and I opened the July 2007 issue of the Liahona. I decided to read From the Life of President Spencer W. Kimball, the episode called “Resist Evil Influences,” which I don’t usually read because it is in the children’s section. This story helped me flee from the bad influences that surrounded me that day, and I was fortified by the message. I encourage everyone to read all the sections of the Liahona.

The Liahona is a light and a protection for me. It is the first tool I use to proclaim the gospel to my friends.

Arlette Azi, Ivory Coast

The Best-Kept Secret

While preparing my Young Women lesson one day, I realized there were parts of the lesson that needed to be supplemented. That is when I turned to the best-kept secret of great youth leaders—the Aaronic Priesthood and Young Women Resource Guides. These guides contain references for updated stories and articles from the prophet and other General Authorities that can be added to the Young Men and Young Women lessons to help the youth face today’s issues.

These resources are a great comfort to me as a leader because I know the stories and articles have come through the correct channels and contain true doctrine. They can be used freely to supplement, but not replace, the lessons.

Genell Wells, Utah, USA

My Favorite Section

It is a great blessing to have this wonderful publication, the Liahona. Thanks to this magazine, we are able to receive the words of the prophets and learn of the spiritual experiences of our brothers and sisters all over the world. My favorite section of the magazine is Latter-day Saint Voices. It is impossible not to feel the Spirit when I read these wonderful stories.

On my computer I save the PDF versions of the magazine that are found on the Church Web site. Before I begin my day, I read an article so I can be filled with the Spirit. Thank you for the Liahona.

Oscar Javier Álvarez Gómez, Colombia

An Effective Tool

I believe that the Liahona is an effective tool because it allows us to learn about the testimonies and experiences of members throughout the world. I also appreciate hearing stories from other members as well as receiving counsel from our leaders. Their words serve as a real guide. The magazine is also a means by which we can appreciate the development and growth of the Church worldwide.

Darice Adolphe, Réunion Island

How Did You Know?

On so many occasions I have wanted to write to the First Presidency and General Authorities and ask them, “How did you know?” Time after time as I hear and then read the conference talks, it is as if the Lord is speaking directly to me about specific concerns I have. From these experiences I have learned how much Heavenly Father loves me and wants to help me be a better person. The conference messages have reached me wherever I have been, even in faraway places. Sometimes the messages have been a call to repentance, sometimes guidance, and sometimes comfort. I have often felt like Heavenly Father’s favorite child as I see how carefully He watches over me through these messages.

Charleen Crenshaw, Montana, USA

Illustration by Daniel Lewis