Family Home Evening Ideas
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“Family Home Evening Ideas,” Liahona, Dec. 2008, inside front cover–1

Family Home Evening Ideas

These teaching suggestions can be used in the classroom as well as in the home. You may tailor these ideas to your family or class.

“Room in the Inn,” p. 8: Huddle together under a blanket, pretending you are in the vehicle in the story. Tell the story. Discuss what it would have been like to spend Christmas Eve in the van. Discuss how the innkeeper served the family. Prayerfully plan a way your family can serve others during this Christmas season.

“A Christmas Miracle,” p. 12: Share the missionaries’ story with your family. Discuss the joy the singing brought to the people on the train. Plan a Christmas project your family could do for someone.

“Consecrate Thy Performance,” p. 20: Choose five items to use as stepping-stones, such as rocks or paper. Label each item with the section titles from the article. Step from stone to stone as you discuss the section. Consider reading scriptures from the article. Discuss the stumbling blocks we face in our lives. Conclude by reading the last few paragraphs of the article.

“Amazed at the Love Jesus Offers Me,” p. 28: Read the section “Rejoicing in Reunion” to the point that the missionary begins to approach his family. Have members of your family guess who will be the first to rush forward to meet the missionary. After finishing the story, discuss the love parents have for their children and the love Heavenly Father has for all of us.

“The Secret Giver,” p. F14: Share David’s story with your family. What did David learn? Using his example of becoming an undercover Secret Giver, consider doing one of the following: (1) Prayerfully select individuals or a family in your area who may be lonely or in need. Plan appropriate acts of service for them. (2) Write the names of family members on pieces of paper. Choose a name, and secretly serve that person this week.