Church Responds after Hurricane Dolly Hits U.S.

“Church Responds after Hurricane Dolly Hits U.S.” Liahona, Dec. 2008, N7

Church Responds after Hurricane Dolly Hits U.S.

Church Welfare Services supplied more than 15,000 hygiene kits, 8,000 cleaning kits, and 2,000 boxes of basic food to areas of the United States affected by Hurricane Dolly.

The storm blew off rooftops and caused flooding in towns along the Texas-Mexico border on July 24, 2008. Days later, remnants of the storm dropped heavy rain in New Mexico, causing flash floods and leading to the evacuation of hundreds of people.

All members and missionaries were reported safe. At least three Church meetinghouses in Texas reported receiving minor damage from lightning and leaky roofs.

The Church worked closely with Texas Emergency Management and the Salvation Army to get supplies to those in need. Local members worked with disaster response officials to offer volunteer cleanup assistance.