Using the Liahona
August 2005

“Using the Liahona,” Liahona, Aug. 2005, 1

Using the Liahona

This page can help you use the Liahona to enhance your teaching in the classroom as well as in the home.

Family Home Evening Ideas

“Within the Bonds of Matrimony,” p. 8: Show a wedding picture, and ask what “bonds of matrimony” means. Read the “Bonds of Love” section. What blessings of this bond are mentioned in this article? Read or sing “Love at Home” (Hymns, no. 294), and share the final quotation of the article. Discuss ways your family can work toward achieving the goal of “love at home.”

“Fighting Internet Filth,” p. 18: Read Mosiah 4:30, and discuss the consequences of viewing inappropriate material. Invite family members to make a list of rules for using a computer. Post the list next to the computer.

“The Place to Be,” p. 26: Use the article to learn what an institute outreach center is. Consider making a family visit to a local institute. Prayerfully consider inviting a young single adult who is not enrolled in institute to go with you.

“Time for Eternal Things,” p. 44: Fill a jar with grain (such as rice), and then attempt to put several small rocks in (more rocks than can fit). Empty and fill the jar again, this time by putting the rocks in first, then pouring the grain in, making room for both the grain and all the rocks. Read the article, and discuss what the rocks and grain could represent. Why is it important to make time for eternal things first?

“The Canary with the Best Song,” p. F2: Read or tell in your own words the story of Sister McKee and her canaries. Invite family members to draw a picture of Billie and write what they learned about him. Then ask them to share how they will apply ideas from this story during the upcoming week.