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“Comment,” Liahona, Aug. 2005, 48


Thankful for the Prophet

I am so thankful for the prophet and that I can read his messages in the Liahona. These articles help me make good decisions so I can remain worthy of the Lord’s blessings, and they help me be a good example to others.
Allan Dublas Pamugas, Aborlan Branch, Narra Philippines District

My Heart Began to Open

Before I was baptized, the missionaries gave me some copies of the Liahona to read. I still remember how I marveled at one of the articles I read, “Jesus the Christ: Our Master and More,” by Elder Russell M. Nelson in the April 2000 issue. I realized then that I had a Savior, that He loved me, and that He was the only perfect example for me to follow.

I believe that from the moment I began to read this wonderful magazine, my heart began to open so I could accept the gospel.

I am immensely grateful to the Lord that today—as in Lehi’s day—we have a Liahona to guide us.
Roseana R. Santos, Poções Branch, Vitória da Conquista Brazil Stake

Comfort and Strength

The Liahona magazine is a wonderful gift that the Lord has given the Saints in this dispensation. It brings us comfort and strength during our trials and helps us feel that we are not alone. I am really grateful for this compass today. I know that we have the truth and that as we follow the Savior we will be blessed.
Sergio Sierra Moctezuma, Las Joyas Ward, San Luis Potosí Mexico Benito Juárez Stake

A Miracle in My Life

The Liahona is a miracle in my life. The articles are a healing balm to my soul. They strengthen my testimony and faith and give me hope in difficult times. I particularly enjoyed “Timing,” by Elder Dallin H. Oaks in October 2003, and “Realize Your Full Potential,” by Elder Richard G. Scott in November 2003. Thank you for these messages and all the others that are a light in my life. I know the Spirit will touch the hearts of all those who read the magazine.
Johanna Recalde, Villa Elisa Ward, Fernando de la Mora Paraguay South Stake

The Spirit Testified

Today I want to thank Heavenly Father because His Church is on the earth and because the Liahona magazine exists. I really liked the Gospel Classics article in the December 2003 issue—“The Divinity of Jesus Christ,” by Elder Orson F. Whitney. When I read it, I felt the Spirit strongly and I knew that Elder Whitney’s experiences were true. I know that Heavenly Father has a purpose for each of His children, that He loves us, and that He wants each of us to return to our heavenly home.
Katherin Priscila Terceros Vidal, Cala Cala Ward, Cochabamba Bolivia Universidad Stake