Additional Sharing Time Ideas, August 2005
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“Additional Sharing Time Ideas, August 2005,” Liahona, Aug. 2005, N8

Additional Sharing Time Ideas, August 2005

The following are additional ideas Primary leaders may use with the Sharing Time printed in the August 2005 Liahona. For the lesson, instructions, and activity that correspond with these ideas, see “The Gift of the Holy Ghost” on pages F4 and F5 of the children’s section in this issue.

1. Help the children memorize the first article of faith. Use Gospel Art Picture Kit 403 (The First Vision) and 602 (The Gift of the Holy Ghost) to teach that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have bodies of flesh and bone. The Holy Ghost is a personage of spirit (see D&C 130:22). The Holy Ghost witnesses of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. What do we need to do to gain a testimony from the Holy Ghost? Invite a recent convert, missionary, or ward or branch member to talk about the witness of the Holy Ghost in his or her own life. Copy pictures from the Gospel Art Picture Kit or Primary picture packets that show children keeping the commandments, such as Gospel Art Picture Kit 604 (Passing the Sacrament), 605 (Young Boy Praying), or 616 (Family Togetherness). Choose the number of pictures needed to have one picture for every letter in the word testimony. Write one letter on the back of each picture, and post the letters on the board, spelling out testimony. Invite a child to turn over one of the letters and tell what is happening in the picture. Ask the children to think of ways or times they also do the things illustrated in the picture. How does it make them feel? How does that activity help their testimony grow? Take responses, and reinforce the principles with songs or hymns. Continue until all the pictures are revealed.

2. Whisper as you ask the children to follow simple directions such as, “Put your hands on your head. Stand and stretch to touch the ceiling. Sit down and fold your arms.” Explain that the Holy Ghost also speaks with a “still, small voice,” and that we often “hear” the Holy Ghost by the way we feel. Sing a song or hymn about the Holy Ghost. Review Morm. 8:1–7, and give some background about Moroni. Moroni was familiar with the gifts of the Holy Ghost and how they bless us. Some of his last writings on the gold plates teach us of the blessings of the Holy Ghost. Using the board or individual worksheets, have the children play a matching game. Scramble and list the following scriptures on one side of the board or worksheet. Scramble and list the gifts of the Spirit on the other side. Have the children find the scriptures and match them with the gifts of the Spirit: (1) Moro. 10:9–10—teach the word of wisdom and knowledge, (2) Moro. 10:11—faith and healing, (3) Moro. 10:12—work mighty miracles, (4) Moro. 10:13—prophecy, (5) Moro. 10:14—beholding of angels, and (6) Moro. 10:15–16—tongues and interpretation of tongues. Sing or recite Articles of Faith 1:7. Illustrate these gifts of the Spirit with your own examples, or use the following: (1) relate the testimony of a recent general conference speaker; (2) story from Primary 5 manual, lesson 19, enrichment activity no. 4; (3) President Gordon B. Hinckley and building temples (see “Some Thoughts on Temples, Retention of Converts, and Missionary Service,” Ensign, Nov. 1997, 49–50; “New Temples to Provide ‘Crowning Blessings’ of the Gospel,” Ensign, May 1998, 87–88); (4) Elder Dallin H. Oaks, “Preparation for the Second Coming,” Liahona and Ensign, May 2004, 7–10; (5) the gospel is restored through Joseph Smith by the ministering of angels (see JS—H 1:12, 30–32, 68–70); (6) story of Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi from Primary 3 manual, lesson 24. Recite together Moro. 10:4–5. Bear testimony of the blessings of the gifts of the Holy Ghost.